Our content strategy and copywriting services helped The Family Institute bring their new brand to life 

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It all started when…

My former Northwestern Memorial Hospital director contacted me about helping her to organization, The Family Institute, with copy for their new website. I was thrilled at the opportunity to work with Tessa again, and to support an amazing organization.

What they needed and more...

While ContentRS was hired to focus on copywriting, there was also a needed to define their content strategy to ensure the right information was gathered. The, now old, website was quite out-of-date and much of the content, approximately 100 pages, needed to be completely revised, and fast!

Our approach to getting the right information, quickly...

Step One: Interviewed Key Stakeholders
Our first step was to interview key stakeholders within the organization. that included therapists, leadership and the faculty and support staff who manage the graduate education and research programs. My former director and I spent two and a half days asking questions to understand what type of content we needed to develop.

Step Two: Outlined the Site Structure & Create Wireframes
We fine-tuned their sitemap and outline the content in wireframes to help the marketing team and the development team understand the hierarchy and position of the content to tell their brand story and provide the information their audience needed.

Step Three: Developed the Copy
Due to having just over two months to develop the copy, ContentRS put the two and a half of our top copywriting guns on the project. We created copy decks in Google Drive so we could easily share with each other and The Family Institute for editing, and share with the development agency, Educo

Step Four: Provided Support after Migration
Educo added every piece of content into the new design they developed. Once they were through, we provided support where additional copy was needed and where copy needed revision (which wasn't a lot).

The end result...

The new website has specific information about The Family Institute's therapy services, specialized therapies, programs, groups, locations and therapists, graduate education programs, academic research and details about the organization. In the end, ContentRS defined their content strategy, developed copy for 100+ pages, offered support after content migration and developed a starting content governance and guidelines template to ensure their content stays fresh and in-line with their brand message.

It was a pleasure working with the marketing team and meeting the expert therapists who are dedicated to strengthening children and adolescents, individuals, couples and families at every life stage.

Take a look at their beautiful new site!