— Rebecca Steurer, Founder, ContentRS


A content strategy is a comprehensive plan for developing the right information, sharing it at the right time and presenting it for the right audience. It's the first step every enterprise organization, small business and even blogger needs to start with for website redesigns, social media sharing, blog writing and video production.

A Content Strategy Benefits You

Defining your content strategy will save you time and money, and ultimately, prevent a huge headache for you and/or your marketing team by:

  • Ensuring everyone understand your content's mission for your business goals and audience needs
  • Understanding what content you have and what content you need to develop
  • Managing your content so it stays fresh and up-to-date 


When you partner with us to design or redesign your website, plan your social media messages or develop your blog, we follow a tried-and-true method that gets optimal results.


First, we understand your business goals & audience needs. 

Interview your business stakeholders to define your strategic initiative and business goals.
We interview key business stakeholders and staff to learn about your business, specific goals and how your digital experiences can help achieve those goals. This is also the time we identify challenges and road blocks you've faced in the past so we can overcome them with your new digital experience.  

Interview your audience to listen to their needs.
No matter how beautiful your digital experience is, if we don't develop the right information for your audience, we've failed. Interviewing your audience is a crucial step needed to identify personas and understand what questions your audience is asking to solve their problems.

The outcome this step provides:
1. A strategic look into how your website can support your business goals and user needs.

2. Alignment on your business goals among your organization.

3. Insight into developing your core message and messages to develop throughout the customer journey.


Second, we assess your current content & your competitors' position.

Assess your current content ecosystem.  
Unless you're starting from "scratch," you may have some great content hiding within your site. We'll assess your current content (both online and offline) to determine how much needs to be recreated to match your brand voice. 

Analyze your user interaction.
We'll thoroughly review your analytics to understand what pages are visited the most and least, when and where visitors are leaving your site and who is visiting your site (there's more analytics we analyze, but we can talk about that when we meet in person).

Stalk, we mean investigate your competitors. 
That's right, we will stalk your competitors' social media and website efforts to make sure your online presence is better than theirs. 

The outcome this step provides:
1. An understanding of what currently works and does not work.

2. A list of your current content to help us understand what content to keep, delete, revise. 

3. A benchmark for measuring improvements.

4. Ideas on how to stand out among your competitors.


Third, we develop a vision for how to optimize your content using digital channels.

Your Content Strategy is a documented approach that outlines what and how to make your digital experience a success. We'll provide you with an in-depth look into how to design your content for optimal results. 

The outcome of this step delivers:  

  1. Content Vision & Goal Setting
    We define the goals your content needs to achieve for your business and customer success. This is the crux for planning and developing the right content throughout your content ecosystem.
  2. Content Structure (Information Architecture & Site Navigation)
    Once we've identified the goals for your content, we'll organize it for your website so your customers/clients can find what they need.
  3. Brand Message, Voice & Tone  
    We define your brand message, voice and tone to make sure you're message is consistent throughout every channel you use to communicate. This is especially helpful when multiple authors are writing and sharing information throughout your organization.  
  4. Channel Planning
    Based on your customers/clients needs, we'll identify which channels to use for optimal ROI, the messages to share on each channel and the tone to use that will engage your audience. 

  5. Content Migration Planning
    During a website redesign, getting the right content into the right area is extremely time consuming, if you don't have a plan. We work with the technical team to identify how to get the content into the new website efficiently.

Are you ready to make your content work for you?

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Our content strategy and copywriting services helped The Family Institute bring their new brand to life